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Our citrus comes from the world renowned Indian River District in Florida.


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We secure and sell direct to you. There is no “middle man”.



Our fruit is always guaranteed.



Citrus is a rich source of Vitamin C, high in potassium, sodium free, & cholesterol free.

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  • Indian River Direct is a small customer friendly fruit sales and fundraising company located in the heart of the "Indian River district", a world renowned area for producing citrus. Our warm humid climate is perfect for growing the sweetest citrus available.

    The "Indian River district" provides the weather, Indian River Direct provides the service. By hand selecting our fruit on the tree prior to harvesting, we can deliver citrus of the highest quality. Citrus fruit does not ripen after it has been picked! It must be picked when it is ripe. Understanding this principle is critical when selecting a crop. We monitor the sugar content and the acid content constantly to choose the ripest crop at the time of harvesting.

    Handling ripe citrus is another key to good deliveries and happy customers. Through careful harvesting practices and gentle packing procedures we can produce the finest box of citrus available.

    Another key to providing you with the finest fruit is freshness. We never cold store our fruit. It is harvested by order, packed and shipped all in rapid succession, so the fruit you eat today is as "fresh as it gets!"

    We are so confident you will be pleased at the taste of our fruit that we offer a money back guarantee.

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